Bilberry Extra Strength 1000mg



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Why Choose Nature’s Bounty®:

Purity of Ingredients

Free of artificial additives.

High Concentration

Each softgel is equivalent to 1,000 mg of fresh bilberry.

Bright-Eye Hero

Relieve daily eye discomfort


Main Functions

  • Promotes blood circulation around the eyes; relieves eye fatigue, discomfort, and supplies adequate nutrition to the eyes
  • Protects against vision problems that arise with aging
  • Strengthens veins beneath the skin; lessens the appearance of veins and bruises
  • Antioxidant; promotes cardiovascular health


Recommended / Suitable For

  • Dry eyes, red veiny eyes, dark circles around eyes, etc.
  • Office workers
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Veiny legs1
  • Bruise easily

Active ingredients

  • Amount Per Serving ( 1 softgel ):Bilberry 1,000 mg (from 250 mg of 4:1 Extract)


DirectionsFor adults, take 1 softgel once to twice daily, preferably with meals.

Each bottle contains: 60 softgels


1Minerva Cardioangiol. 1978 Apr;26(4):255-76.